Create Unique Personalized Gifts With Photos Of The Recipient

The Photo Canvas

A photo canvas, or canvas print, is one of the simplest but most effective uses of photos for personalized gifts. Simply choose a photo, decide on the size of canvas and how you want the picture wrapped on the canvas, and let the photo gift service do the rest for you, creating unique and beautiful personalized gifts.

Canvas prints are available in bespoke dimensions and you can even have a single picture printed over two or more canvases giving a tiled or mosaic effect.

A Photo Montage

Rather than picking a single picture to print to natural canvas, you can decide on a selection of your best shots and have a professional design team create one great-looking photo montage.

The montage can be added to virtually any photo gift and looks especially effective when printed on canvas in the same way as a canvas print. By using pictures based on the same subject matter you can really ensure that the recipients will enjoy the personalized gifts you give them.

Pop Art Prints

A pop art print is another method of printing a quality picture on equally high-quality canvas. A designer or art team can convert a portrait or other picture into a pop artwork of art and then print this onto a high-grade canvas.

The Photo Calendar

A photo calendar is another unique photo gift idea that is ideal for use when you have a selection of pictures that you can’t choose between. Pick a picture for every single month of the year and add your own personalized caption to each page.

You can also design the front cover using another picture or an existing one, and then add the title and choose the month in which the calendar should start. Photo calendars make especially good gift ideas for birthdays and Christmas.

A Photo Block

A photo block is essentially the modern equivalent of a framed, glass-covered photo except for a few differences. The image you choose is printed directly onto the resin block so there is no need for a frame and no need to cover the picture in glass or any other material. What’s more, the photo block is also lightweight and has a single self-standing unit so it can even be sent in the post.

A quick turnaround time for creating the item means that it makes perfect last-minute personalized gifts or the ideal choice as a gift for new grandparents and other family members.