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A Simple Guide to Raised Access Flooring System

Modern offices and companies have changed dramatically over the years. They are now full of laptops, computers, printers and scanners which translates into a lot of electrical cables and sensitive equipment. 

A complete cable management solution is needed to ensure safety in the installation and distribution of cables. Raised access flooring are designed mainly for offices, data centres and clean rooms. 

Computer Room Floor Tiles | Raised Floor Replacements

Choosing the right type of floor depends on the cooling system, cable and load capability and the height of the ceiling. The raised access flooring company provides a number of services such as re installations, upgrade, redistributing and improving. 

Overall they are flexible, economical and aesthetically appealing as well. Standard dimensions for raised floor panels are 60×60 cm. Thanks to innovations in technology it is now possible to make them in different sizes, designs with a different touch. 

The best panel is able to carry the load, is safe during the fire, is stable and has a low water absorption. Decorative finishes available including granite, laminate and wood.

A very quick way to install the panels is using the ‘dry’ solution . It does not require any adhesive. It is mainly used to tile waterproof surfaces.