All About Car Wash Fleet Service Selling

If you have an electric car wash business, a truck wash business, or a car wash and auto parts business, you need to focus on selling your fleet. 

The art of selling fleet laundry contracts is low pressure and a strong handshake for customer service and total reliability as so many mobile laundry companies come and go. You can also check for the best truck car wash service via the web.

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As you probably know, work is a big deal because America doesn't have a work ethic. You should first focus on providing a reliable drug-free workforce, and then make the sale with confidence and confidence in your abilities.

Once you have the main site, shut up and listen. The fleet manager will tell you their exact needs which may not meet your initial expectations because they want other things like interior cleaning, forklifts, office trolleys, etc. every week, not weekly. 

Then come back and get a quote and make another appointment for a free trial wash. This is your chance to tell the fleet manager things like: we can wash on the day and time you choose, each vehicle will dry completely without leaving a trace of water, and you have monthly invoices sorted by vehicle number.

It also allows him to see that your company has a professional and friendly clean crew and that you have high quality equipment with new equipment and can even supply our water.