All About Outdoor LED Lighting

Since LED garden lights started making outdoor low-voltage lawn tanks a few years ago, their popularity has grown tremendously. 

Outdoor LED lighting can give you a great after-dark effect, but it's also very easy to install, inexpensive to buy, very inexpensive to use, and fairly safe for children, animals, and plants. You can also check for the best led spotlights via

LED Spotlight

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Most LED outdoor lights, similar to traditional garden lights, typically use a 12V low-voltage DC power supply from an indoor-mounted transformer.

The reason is simple; LED lamps are made by attracting electrons to emit photons (light), while traditional incandescent lamps burn a filament that emits a random amount of light along with all the heat. 

This is a very different approach to the light creation process. LEDs are intentionally designed to emit light and nothing else; Incandescent bulbs are tiny heaters that emit light only as a by-product.

LED garden lights come in all forms. The most common colors are white and blue, but other colors and color-changing LED lights are also available. One of the most striking features of LED garden lights is their fresh and clean appearance.

LEDs are very suitable as garden spotlights because they are more direct. They often also have a good color rendering index, which measures how realistic and vibrant the highlighted area looks.