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Best Paintball Safety Masks

Although the occurrence of paintball blindness has become exceedingly rare, the effects are so severe that care should be taken at all times. A barrel blocking system should be mounted promptly on your paintball gun after you have finished playing to avoid any unintended shooting accidents. 

As long as there are always players holding weapons, safe eyewear can be used and while walking off the field after the game is over. Many paintball eye accidents result more from the shrapnel that falls from the exploding shell than from a direct effect on the eye. You can enjoy playing paintball games at Paintball USA, just navigate to these guys.

What Is The Best Paintball Mask?

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This is why only goggles are favoured over the eye covering of full face paintball masks, but all are appropriate as long as they have the right safety ranking. 

When ordering paintball safety eyewear, it's safer to purchase from an accredited dealer. You may thus pick from a variety of masks and goggles that have been legally declared safe for the sport.

While several types of goggles and protective masks are available for various sports, paintball is only suitable for masks and lenses that have an accredited ASTM level. To establish safety requirements, the ASTM (American Society of Tests and Measures) is an agency that conducts impartial testing on all various items. 

When struck by a high-speed paintball, goggle lenses that have not been certified for paintball will crack or fragment, leading to the same accident you are attempting to avoid.