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How To Select A Therapist In Los Altos

Finding the right therapist for your needs can take a lot of time, money, and energy. I want to offer some tips that can make "shopping" easier for the therapist.

My advice is based on my personal experience as a therapeutic patient or, in a marketing sense, on users of therapeutic services and my professional experience as a therapist. You can find the best therapist in Los Altos via


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In general, I find choosing a therapist the same as finding and hiring a professional. There is a stage before the interview where you find several candidates. Then interview them by phone or in person, or both, and finally decide who to hire.

The difference in looking for a therapist is that you can let your feelings influence your decisions more than if you hired other professionals. It's usually not a good idea to deal with your feelings or emotions, but the therapeutic job is unique in that it primarily focuses on feelings and emotions.

The premise of therapy for patients is to discuss personal problems with a therapist to improve their emotional state and/or life situation. Contact with personal material makes it vulnerable and therefore should not be carried out without an underlying sense of security.

In the pre-interview phase, you will typically use one or both of the following sources for candidate selection: personal connections and online sources. Some people only trust referrals that come through their link, some prefer online directories and search engines, others do both.