Multi-mode Communications for Tunnels and Roads

Multi-mode technology that includes the 4G spectrum of PTT DMR, as well as analog radio, helps keep important roads and tunnels running effectively. Tunnel Network Services (TNS) provides emergency response, operations, and maintenance for a variety of tunnels and roads to ensure safe operation of which requires efficient, clear, and user-friendly communications. To read more about tunnel communication systems, you can hop over to this site –

The company started using PTT-over-cellular (PoC) communication in March, following an effective trial using the technique. PoC was intended to substitute its extant radio network that was no longer reliable. At the time, TNS provided incident retort and supervision on a single tunnel.

In the first step towards unifying critical communications across networks, TNS deployed the IMPULSE Wireless Mission Critical Portable (MCP) it is the first radio with intelligence that permits operations on PTT 4G, DMR as well as an analog radio network.

The ability of MCP to seamlessly hand over between talk groups, modes, and channels makes it possible to instantly route messages to the appropriate channel depending on a variety of variables and is specifically designed for the system where it will be used.

The advantages of this system include a significant reduction in costs when compared to building an entire radio network that covers the client’s entire field of operation, clear and crisp voice quality when using 4G, enhanced remote support, and update to devices and coverage if management staff need to leave the area of operation.