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Plastic Pallets: An Essential Guide

Wooden pallets are perhaps one of the most common options for international and domestic shipping. Due to their popularity, most people don't even pay attention to possible alternatives to plastic pallets. There are more types of plastic pallets than most people realize, and each one has its unique advantages.

If your company ships a lot – on wooden or plastic pallets – this article will do you well in making more appropriate pallet choices in the future.

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Stackable Pallets

Stacked pallets are significantly lighter than alternative options, but they cost a little more. They have a solid base and top, which allows them to be set effectively – full or empty. This is especially useful for containers loaded using multiple nested methods.

These are excellent pallets for international shipping because their durability and flexibility allow them to be used in a variety of ways.

Nestable Pallets

The advantage of carrier pallets is that they are careful in space (because the legs fit together) and are usually cheaper than stacked pallets. Returning these pallets after using them in shipping is straightforward, as more pallets can be combined into a return carrier than a stacked wooden or plastic pallet.

This instability also helps save pallets when not in use. This makes it a great alternative for businesses that frequently move shipments in the same direction and need more pallets at all times.

There are various other types of pallets available such as Solid deck pallets and removable pallets which have their unique advantages.