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Set the Mood of Your Party with Red Light Bulbs

To lighten up the mood of celebrations, colored light bulbs are used. If you want to add intimate settings to space, altering the light is a perfect way to do it. Colored party light bulbs can have an intense effect on the party, based on the kind of bulbs and also how many are used. 

Colored light bulbs come in different colors like red, green, blue, etc. These bulbs are decorative bulbs used sometimes permanently or temporarily for indoor or outdoor celebrations. You can buy 40w equivalent 5W LED red party bulb in a pack of 6 at 7pandas USA lighting store and complete your Christmas party decorations.

red light bulb

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Some sites provide special discounts if buying in bulk. These lighting bulbs are not regular halogen bulbs. Red light bulbs have a soothing effect on your body and help you in a good night's sleep.

Use pink for a little girl's birthday celebration, orange for Halloween, red and green for Christmas holiday celebration. All these are specially made to avoid fire hazards and encourage mild.  They are available in many different socket sizes and wattages. 

Colored globes or little flame-shaped bulbs onto a candelabra are acceptable for luncheons, dinner parties, and intimate dinners for two.  Decide on a celebratory tone to get a unique evening with a vibrant screen. Hang these colored light bulbs for an additional festive holiday theme.