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Is The King James Version The Only Legitimate Version Of The Bible?

There is much controversy about which Bible version should be considered "valid”.  Believe varied, with some expressing a conclusion that is very logical and well reasoned, others seem guided mostly by tradition or emotion. You can get information about the bc and ad timeline online at

Many people and churches claimed the only legitimate version of the Bible is the King James Version but is this true? With the various versions of the Bible out there, all other versions can not be trusted?

Problem of Language

Let's start with the extreme cases. If the King James Version is really only one legitimate, the people who do not speak English without the Word of God! What good is a Roma or Esther Bible study is to someone if they do not understand the language? 

Should we sue first speakers of other languages to learn "Old English" before they can read the Bible? Realistically, if we were to insist that the Bible is studied in the original languages, they will not learn in the "Old English".

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In fact, scholars agree that the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, is a composite, which was written over a period of about 2,000 years – has not "written" by the Lord, as He reveals His truth to the people, led by His Holy Spirit. 

Since the change of culture is NOT the case, and because their authors actually spread in time and location, there are actually some of the language involved. Generally, the Old Testament is composed partly in Hebrew and partly in Aramaic. In Jesus' time, Hebrew and Aramaic spoken, but most of the New Testament scriptures noted in Greek.