The Home Foundation Inspection Process In Milwaukee

Having your home's foundation checked by a qualified professional is not only an important part of preserving your foundation, it can also prevent costly foundation repairs or replacements. In addition, you can ensure that your foundation is in good condition. You can also take help from professional foundation companies in Milwaukee from online sources. 

When you request an inspection, both the exterior and interior of your home will be inspected for signs of foundation problems.

When inspecting the interior and exterior walls, the foundation inspector checks for cracks, bends, shifts, and misalignments. Cracks are graded by location, size, and direction. Not all cracks in brick, plaster, masonry, drywall, or plaster are an indication of structural damage. Sometimes cracks are the result of normal sedimentation of the house. However, poor soil conditions and other factors can contribute to excessive settlement, which can lead to foundation problems. For this reason, soil conditions, as well as slope and drainage, are taken into account.

The inspector also determines if the foundation is straight by looking down the length of the foundation wall from every angle. Doors and windows are checked to make sure they open and close properly. Basements and crawl spaces are entered and assessed to determine if posts and supports are straight and secure.

Concrete slabs are inspected for chipping, cracking, spalling, and shifting, including paving, interior, and garage slabs. Floors above basements or crawl spaces are inspected for slopes, subsidence, and other types of displacement. Chimneys are also inspected for cracks, broken bricks, and curvature.