Design Your T-Shirt To Use Screen Printing in Dallas

Screen printing t-shirts is a possibility, you can create your designs or select one of the designs provided by the companies who specialize in printing t-shirts. If you decide to design your tee there are some specific elements of screen printing that you must know since they influence the type of design that you can choose. You can also search online for t-shirt printing in Dallas.

Screen Printing T-Shirts by Screen: The Method

A) The Screen

The process was referred to by the name silk printing due to the screens made of silk. It was a well-known printing method in China which is why silk was used screen. However, modern polymer fibers enable us to make synthetic screens that are much cheaper.

While the artwork must be created before screens can be created, a detailed explanation of the method is necessary to ensure that you are aware of the limitations of the concept. The first step is to create a mesh needed with holes that are large enough to allow ink to pass through it. The average mesh size is 110 (110 threads/inch) and lowers for inks that are thicker and denser and block images and more for thinner inks and greater definition.

B) The Printing

The screen is hung in a box and the garment is then placed beneath the box. Ink is dumped into the box and a device known as a "squeegee" is pulled across, pushing the ink into the mesh. The ink then dries and the image is left on the T-shirt.

As you could imagine this method is suitable only for one color per print since only one color can be poured into the mesh box or the colors would be poured together.