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Importance of Good Lighting Design for Your Space

Like colors and materials that are part of an interior have a major influence on the general atmosphere of the person, lighting is just as important in defining the atmosphere of the space user. This also affects perception, performance, safety and security.

In offices, good lighting design can transform the effectiveness of staff and the general atmosphere. Too dark or bright can have a real negative on the efficiency of your staff. Natural lighting should be incorporated as far as possible, integrating the use of windows and light wells. You can check out the more about LED lighting suppliers via

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The lighting control systems are now considered a must. They can be pre-programmed to keep an optimal Lux exit, not allowing individual workers to change like other workers. In addition, they contribute to the energy saving.

The restaurant and bar lighting are different and must be adaptable. Often, spaces are used both day and night. A good lighting program is therefore important to change the atmosphere of space. Good overall brightness is needed but accent lighting is often used. 

Wall washers, ceiling rafts, recessed lighting, safes, Sunken floor LEDs, all techniques used to transform spaces. Light control systems are very important again in such spaces. LED lighting has been used for years. However, in commercial design, LEDs have long been too expensive and out of the reach of an average job budget.