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Can Mindfulness Be Used To Enhance Learning?

When you think of the word mindfulness, you can not automatically be associated with learning and higher guidance. Most instructors want to focus their concentration on the subject matter and the development of abilities that are necessary for academic success, such as reading and writing skills.

Mindfulness is also connected with guided and spirituality meditation, which may still not seem natural to the learning method. To get more information about mindfulness in Silicon Valley, you may go through


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But mindfulness has a much wider definition and potential use and is used in both businesses and schools. The only exception is distance learning and for this field, there is little immediate application and implementation of the mindfulness exercises.

At its core, mindfulness is to develop a mindset focused through a process of managing and controlling the thoughts and thought patterns at a particular time.

It is to develop a better sense of self-awareness, focus on breathing, or anything other that helps to create a focal point, removing mental distractions and physical, and the agreement of all other thoughts.

Seen from this perspective, it may be possible to use mindfulness to enhance learning, provided that students understand why it is used if applied directly or indirectly using a teaching strategy or series tools and easy techniques to use.