Top 5 Accessible Bathroom Tips For People With Disabilities

Many people live with disabilities, and that's simply the situation in which they find themselves. Some of these people are lucky enough to be able to access homes that have handicapped-accessible bathrooms, while others are not. For those who don't have a disabled-friendly bathroom, then stick here to know how this article provides you with five accessible bathroom tips that are worth giving time to!

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How to Find an Accessible Bathroom

If you have a disability, it can be difficult to find an accessible bathroom. Here are some tips to help you find an accessible bathroom:

1. Ask your hotel or hostel staff where the accessible bathrooms are. 

2. Check online listings for accessibility-friendly hotels and hostels. 

3. Use Google Maps to locate accessible public restrooms near your destination. 

4. Contact your local disability association or organization for more information on finding an accessible bathroom. 

Tips for Using the Bathroom

  • The first thing to keep in mind is the height of the toilet.
  • Another thing to keep in mind is the width of the bathroom.
  • Finally, make sure to read the bathroom signs carefully. 

Helpful Hints and Things to Remember

1. Make sure the door is wide enough for a wheelchair to pass through.

2. Make sure the toilet is high enough so that a person in a wheelchair can use it without having to bend down.

3. Make sure the bathtub is deep enough so that a person in a wheelchair can bathe without having to get out.

4. Install grab bars near the toilet and bathtub so that someone in a wheelchair can help themself to these surfaces.

5. Create a pathway from the door to the bathroom so that people with disabilities can move easily around the room.