Understanding Solar Energy And Its Importance

The glowing fireball in the sky that we call the sun is an inexhaustible source of abundant radiant energy. This radiant energy, also called solar energy, consists of electromagnetic waves. Humans are always looking for newer forms of energy. Therefore, humans were able to find some very effective ways to cleverly capture some of this radiant energy and convert it into various other useful forms of energy such as heat and electricity.

The energy used from the sun produces solar power that we will hear about these days. Solar power is widely seen today as the most promising source of alternative forces for the future. The topic of solar power can be very interesting. 

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Why rooftop solar and storage offers a viable future for India

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Let’s discuss the main aspects of solar energy to help us better understand its true nature and importance in the modern world.

Learn how solar energy works

Just look around and you will surely see that solar energy is used in various applications and different ways around you. Solar power also deserves to be mentioned as the next big thing in power generation, next to wind power, hydropower, and other similar alternative energy sources. 

Therefore, it is very important to learn more about solar energy and how it can help us avoid the inevitable energy crisis shortly. The sun's energy is transmitted through its rays, which contain an abundance of electromagnetic waves. Did you know that of the total radiation that the earth receives, about seventy percent is absorbed by the earth's surface, bodies of water, and plants, while the rest is usually reflected into space?

The radiation absorbed by the Earth's surface is responsible for warming the atmosphere, producing what is called radiant heat. Solar radiation is directly responsible for about 99% of the amount of renewable energy used on Earth.

However, the actual range and extent of use of solar energy, and how expensive or inexpensive it is, depends primarily on the existing radiation efficiency used by existing solar energy technologies.

Although solar energy has different applications, its actual use is determined by the specific needs it is designed to serve and the various techniques used to capture and convert solar energy.