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Introduction to Risk Assessment

The right to life is the most basic human right. Therefore, the protection of workers working in the health and safety sector at work has become an important issue for legislators in recent years. In most countries, the law provides managers with adequate legal guidance to assess job risks adequately

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The real problem and perhaps the main reason for the reduction of hazards and inadequate risk and for the improvement of accident statistics is not because of the lack of a legal framework, but because of the lack of practical implementation and application of these principles by the participants in the assessment process.

The business world is becoming more competitive and complex, leading to rapid changes in work environment, work processes and organization. The traditional management and control approach cannot completely overcome this challenge because laws and regulations cannot effectively cover all types of hazards and risks that might occur.

Risk management is considered very important in modern society. Most risk assessment consultants at work give you "wisdom and insight" about this modern miracle, designed to help managers and managers deal with the complexities of today's business.

However, the concept of risk management is not new. In the Stone Age, humans tried to prevent them from being attacked by wild animals through caves and then developed further control.

This evolutionary process continues and humanity can develop and use more energy sources.

When conducting a simple or complex risk assessment, always remember that the risk assessment process must produce results, not vice versa.