Guide To Buy The Best Toilet Paper Tower For Your Bathroom

The important accessory in the bathroom is the toilet paper dispenser and toilet roll holder. However, a bathroom is characterized by hygiene and ease. The Toilet Paper Tower helps to maintain this attribute of the bathroom by placing the toilet roll at the perfect distance from the individual. Besides the purpose of building a bathroom is situated, there are some considerations in choosing and buying the type of toilet roll holder that will be suitable for your place.

Size or Capacity:

The toilet roll holder must be able to cater to the type of use. For instance, a bathroom at the railway station will need consistent use as against toilet paper in a law firm. While the former has to take more paper, hence reducing frequent change, the latter will need the lesser toilet paper replacement.

Core Compatibility:

There are various sizes of toilet holder core and their corresponding toilet paper. So, the perfect core should be of a smaller diameter than the cardboard diameter of the roll. It is necessary because some holders consist of particular complimentary paper. In addition, the diameters are usually between 2 and 3 inches.


Material is the determining factor of any kind of product. Toilet roll holders are made of stainless steel, resin, wood, porcelain, and ceramic. Stainless steel is the best type of material with its rust-resistant properties, and elegant monochrome feels. Stainless steel will last for longer and frequency of use.

– Plastic Toilet Roll Holder: Plastic toilet roll holder can be perfect for kids. They have come in a variety of colors and are also lightweight. They are long-lasting in the bathroom and cost-effective. Multiple users might lead to the change of the toilet roll holder due to breakage and deformation.

– Brass And Copper Toilet Roll Holder: The main material of the toiler roll holder can be electroplated with copper or brass. It helps to reduce their rust potential and makes them water-resistant. They are more expensive than plastic and give an aesthetic and classical feel to your bathroom.

– Wood Toilet Roll Holder: If you are more environmentally conscious, go with the wood toilet paper holder, and it helps to add a classical and vintage feel to your bathroom.

Style and Finish:

The toilet roll holder is a good interior décor if it fits in the style of your bathroom. Luxury bathrooms can be used silver, gold, or diamond in the finish of the toilet roll holder. Moreover, the cheapest and most basic finish is plastic. You have to choose the color which suits your bathroom.


If the toilet paper holder is to be mounted, then the type of wall in your bathroom should be considered. It could be a brick wall, wooden padded wall, or tiled. You can easily fix it on the wall by drilling it. Instead of drilling, you can glue also glue the toilet roll holder to the tiled wall. Additionally, you can also use the vacuum grip with suction cups.


You can easily get the perfect Toilet Paper Tower for your bathroom by considering the above considerations.