Benefits Of IBM I Modernization Tools

Due to digital transformation, organizations in every industry feel to make changes in their technology and IT infrastructures. Supply chains are suffering from a variety of challenges. This includes healthcare crises, recalls, manual processes, shortages. To solve these problems they follow the technological advancements in their IT systems to meet the market demands. Today, many organizations rely on the IBM I Modernization tools to transform their IT systems and software applications. You can visit to get knowledge about application modernization.

LANSA's IBM I Modernization development platform, allows applications to reach multiple servers and databases that not only run on IBM I, but also Windows, Linux, and Cloud platforms. The low-code development platform of LANSA will equip your team with more speed, choices, and control over your application development projects while minimizing risk, delays, and overspending. LANSA’s IBM I modernization toolset is the most complete development toolset for the IBM I. You simply won’t find a more efficient method to modernize your IBM I than with LANSA’s modernization tools. 

Technologies for successful IBM I modernization:

Rest APIs:

This technology plays an important part in the digital transformation process. This will allow various layers of IT systems to communicate with each other. APIs help to complete the IT processes very quickly.  They are cost-efficient to implement. 


Blockchain Solutions:

It is one of the trending technology that plays an important role in supply chain management. Blockchain solutions can be a great way to boost your business productivity across a variety of supply chain processes. IBM I modernization technology builds trust in blockchain’s enhanced security, greater transparency, and instant traceability.