Eye Tests For Computer Screen And VDU Users

Our time spent in front of computers screens is increasing, at home and at work. Unofficial estimates suggest that workers are not aware they have vision problems. This is especially true if they work in VDUs which can be visually demanding.

Workers with a vision defect that is not corrected early warning signs could include recurrent pain, headaches, and blurred vision. An employer must pay for an eye exam and vision test by an optometrist. The employer also has the right to continue testing at regular intervals.

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Comprehensive Eye Exams: What to Expect - All About Vision

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The DSE Regulations include requirements for testing and cover both sight tests and eye examinations.

According to the Regulations, employers of VDU users, as well as new users, must ensure that they (sic) provide him with an appropriate eye and sight test upon his request. Any such test must be performed by a competent individual.

Employers may offer vision screening tests only, not full sight testing, to help identify those who require a full eye exam. However, users have the right to request a full test. Many VDU workers may be denied their rights due to a lack of knowledge about the difference between a vision screening and eye exams. 

Employers cannot purchase electronic equipment to perform the job, save them money, or meet the requirements of regulations. Employers must offer testing by qualified ophthalmic doctors (optometrists), or registered ophthalmic opticians to their employees, as per the Regulations. 

The employer is responsible for providing glasses (corrective devices) if the employee's eye and sight tests indicate that they need them.

Online opticians are increasingly offering the option to order corrective glasses online for employees who require them.