Skilled Worker Category Under Quebec Immigration Program

This is a fantastic chance to apply for Immigration to Canada for those who do not qualify under the Federal Skilled Worker section. For more information about the complete process you can visit

Québec's Skilled Worker program is governed by the principle of a "selection grid" of standards used to determine if an applicant will be able to successfully establish themselves in the state and begin working.

Points are awarded to spouses and applicants as appropriate, according to their degree and field of education, their work experience, age, prior work experience working in Quebec, and their language ability.

For a person to be eligible to be considered for immigration as a Quebec Skilled Worker an eligibility requirement of a passing score equal to 50 points in the case of single applicants as well as 57 points in the case of those with spouses accompanying them must be achieved.

The procedure and the grids for qualifying are extremely complex.

Check out the list of applicants. Should you employ clients who fall under the following occupations, we can file applications for them under the Quebec Nominee Program. The following are the main points of the program:

The current period to receive the Quebec Acceptance Letters is 4- 8 months for priority, and 12-15 months for cases that are not a priority. Acceptance by Quebec signifies the issuance of a Certificate of Selection by Quebec (CSQ).

If this letter is received then we can submit a request to the Federal office to obtain immigration documents. The Federal portion can take four to five months. The total duration is approximate of 11-18 months.

The Quebec Application fees aren't refundable.

To get accurate information on the entire process, get advice from professionals.