Information About Nicotine Salts

Nicotine Salts are different from regular e-juices as they:

  • Deliver nicotine quicker and more effectively.
  • They produce fewer clouds, which makes them a good choice for a stealth vapor.
  • Both low and high levels of nic are possible.
  • Different chemical makeup.
  • vape in smaller, low-powered vaping devices.

Nic salts can have concentrations ranging from:

  • 3-5 mg
  • 20 to 35mg
  • 30-50mg

Regular e-juices contain between 3 and 24mg nicotine. This gives vapers the freedom to select their preferred nicotine level. However, these nicotine strengths may not provide vapers with the vape they desire. You can also purchase salt nic through different websites. 

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Regular e-juices do not contain any additives. It contains the highest quality nicotine. It is blended with the necessary ingredients for any e-juice like PG, VG, flavorings, etc.

These additives don't alter the chemical composition or nicotine. They provide nicotine as it is without increasing or decreasing its strength. High-VG-e-juices typically contain lower levels of nicotine.

Because VG juices produce greater clouds when used in high-powered vapes, the low content is due to their lower concentration. High-wattage devices such as box mods and high-wattage devices can produce a lot of vapor to satisfy vapers' nicotine cravings. Most vapers would find it overwhelming to consume VG juices because they have more nicotine.

Nicotine salts can reduce all of that. Pod devices can be used to nic salt e-liquids. Although the nicotine is still vaporized, it can be used at lower temperatures than box mods. With a more discreet and easy-to-use unit, users can enjoy a satisfying vapor.